Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand the importance of environmental protection, which is why we support the development of products and technologies that yield the best results in this sphere. What is our approach?

100% recycling

All PET bottles that we produce can be reused for further processing. And that includes lids and labels.

PET bottles


We continue to reduce our environmental footprint. For example, in the case of our Mattoni mineral water, we have managed to reduce our footprint by a total of twenty percent in the last ten years. This is primarily due to innovations, conservation measures, more efficient use of energy, and utilisation of rail carriage.

transport by railway

A Revolutionary Eco-Bottle

Karlovarské minerální vody (KMV) has introduced a new eco-bottle to the Czech market – 30% of the material of which it is made is derived from plants.

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A Revolutionary Eco-Bottle

Less PET

In designing new bottles, not only do we think of their practicality and design, but we are also mindful of the environment. That is why we continuously reduce the amount of plastic required in production.

Protecting Sources

Drawing water from the depth of nature entails responsibility to the surroundings of the source and to the mineral water itself. Our sources are protected by the first protective zone and are subject to continuous monitoring.

Protecting Sources

We set the standard

Karlovarské minerální vody, a. s. has become one of the founder members of the EKOKOM organization, which is engaged in the system of waste separation and recycling in towns and villages.

Supporting Research and Education

For some time, we have funded research conducted by the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague, focused on long-term use of PET as a building material. The concept of a PET structural unit represents a unique and revolutionary design. It was first presented at the Czech pavilion at EXPO 2015, in the form of a bench; and at the end of 2015, a PETree Christmas tree was made, with the assistance of primary and secondary school students.

Supporting Research and Education

CSR Association

The Corporate Social Responsibility Association is a non-profit organisation that constitutes a platform associating, linking, and representing the interests of more than one hundred socially responsible entities in the Czech Republic. Companies, non-profit organisations, social enterprises, schools, and public administration, as well as individuals, have joined together in support of its unique vision of corporate social responsibility. It is the host organisation of the Global Compact Czech Republic National Network, the world’s largest corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable business platform, under the auspices of the UN.  It has operated the most frequently searched portal devoted to CSR and sustainable business in the country since 2009.

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CSR Association

We support

Karlovarské minerální vody has become known to the broad public thanks to its corporate image. It has managed to focus its activities optimally on several areas of public life.

Cultural Development

Development of culture

We systematically assist in the development of contemporary culture, primarily literature and film. We participated in founding the Magnesia Litera annual literary awards, of which we have been the general partner for many years. We cooperate in the announcement of the Czech Lion film awards, within the framework of which we newly support young filmmakers at the start of their career, with the Magnesia Prize.

Sports events

Sports events

Sports fans know us thanks to our long support of the series of prestigious marathon races called the Prague International Marathon, and of the top Czech basketball competition - Mattoni NBL.

Social events

Social events

We support important social events. For example, the popular public survey of popular music - Czech Nightingale Mattoni, or the Miss Beauty Contest, which is connected with Aquila. We have been organizing the Mattoni Grand Drink, an international barman competition, for fifteen years, which has gained the official status of the Non-alcoholic Cocktail Mixing World Championship in the past two years thanks to its high professional level.

Where Do We Help?

We support several organisations and associations on the national as well as local level.

Kyselka Spa

Karlovarské minerální vody devotes sustained attention to improving the quality of life in the municipality of Kyselka and supports local institutions and organisations.

The Kyselka Spa

We are a founding member of the Kyselka Spa Charitable Society, for which our employees also volunteer. The main objective of the Kyselka Spa Charitable Society is to renovate the heritage-protected grounds of the former Kyselka Spa in the municipality of Kyselka.

We gradually renovate the historic buildings we own, in line with heritage care, and seek new uses for them – for example, we opened a museum of mineral waters and Mattoni water in the newly renovated Loschner Pavilion, and the renovated Stallburg House was converted to apartments.

organizace a spolky

Historické budovy v našem vlastnictví postupně rekonstruujeme v souladu s památkovou péčí a hledáme pro ně nové uplatnění - například v rekonstruovaném pavilonu Loschner jsme otevřeli muzeum minerálních vod a vody Mattoni, v opravevném domě Stallburg zase vznikly bytové jednotky.

organizace a spolky

Patříme k zakládajícím členům obecně prospěšné společnosti Lázně kyselka, pro kterou pracují v rámci dobrovolnické činnosti i naši zaměstnanci. Hlavním cílem činnosti o.p.s. Lázně Kyselka je obnova památkově chráněného areálu někdejších lázní Kyselka v obci Kyselka.

Our Assistance to the Municipality of Kyselka

We regularly provide financial support to local firefighting stations. We have also donated money for the development of a local primary school and kindergarten, school gymnasium, and municipal cinema. Furthermore, we annually provide financial contributions and in-kind donations for the organisation of a Children’s Day, for children from the municipality of Kyselka and its surrounding area.